-Oats can improve blood sugar -seeds helping to maintain your weight -Berries May be good for your skin

Oats, seeds and berries

-Heart-healthy -Support the digestive system -Reduces risk of certain chronic diseases

lentil breakfast bowl

Cottage cheese

- bone health -Help Support Muscle Growth -May Aid in Weight Loss

Avocado Toast

-Beneficial for gut health -Versatile and delicious ingredient -May help promote a healthy body weight


-Oats can improve blood sugar -Oats are incredibly nutritious -Oats contain a powerful soluble fiber

nuts eating benefits

-High in ‘good fats’ -High in dietary fibre. -Free of dietary cholesterol

Kefir Smoothie

-It helps strengthen bones. -It may ease digestion problems. -It’s is a rich source of probiotics and protein.

tofu scramble benefits

-a source of complete protein -rich in nutrients -may lift mood