May improve digestion, Helps to improve heart health, Helps to build lean muscles, Helps to fight against anaemia, Supports eye health


Protects your cells from damage, Helps your body make collagen, Slows the advance of age-related macular degeneration (AMD, Helps fight cancer-causing free radicals


It may benefit  brain health, It may benefit  liver health, It may act as an  antioxidant, It may have  antibacterial activity


Good Source of Antioxidants, May Improve Digestive Health, Shown to Benefit Sleep Quality, Full of Important Nutrients, Can Benefit Skin Health


Supporting fetal health, May help prevent osteoporosis, Natural detoxification, Protection from chronic disease, Excellent source of nutrients


May lower cholesterol, May protect against diabetes, May protect against heart disease, May be beneficial for bone health


May Aid Bone Health, Boosts Your Immunity, Promotes Better Sleep, Provides Helpful Antioxidants, Improves Your Heart Health, Protects Your Eyes


It’s frontloaded with essential nutrients, It offers a big dose of lycopene, It adds to healthy digestion, It may improve heart health, It’s great for your skin

Easy Indian Snck